Three people to host street store for the needy on Eva’s Village lot | Paterson Times

Three people to host street store for the needy on Eva’s Village lot


Three people have banded together and organized a street store in conjunction with the Eva’s Village to provide resources to the homeless and the poor.

The street store, a concept conceived in South Africa to connect volunteers with the needy, will take place at 10 a.m. on Sunday, May 2 in the corner of Grand and Main streets. The three volunteers Dawn Masino, Gina Costa, and Karen Bilotti will run the store until 4 p.m.

Masino stumbled across a YouTube video that introduced her to the street store concept. After that, she shared the video with two friends. All three shared a common enthusiasm to host a store so they partnered with Eva’s Village, New Jersey’s largest anti-poverty organization.

“We were thrilled with the concept and the passion from these volunteers,” Marie Reger, executive director of Eva’s Village, said. “Knowing that a group of women sought us out to assist in our mission was incredible.”

Shoppers of the street store will be able to pick out donated clothing in an environment that mimics a department store or flea market.

“As mothers, we have an instinct to nurture. Not only our children, but the world they live in,” Masino said. “We are so grateful to Eva’s Village for their work, agreement to partner and the opportunity to be participants in their good work.”

The street store has been successful in connecting volunteers with the needy elsewhere and it has since then been replicated by various non-profit organizations.

“We were thrilled to be selected as their partner in this endeavor,” Reger said