City man files federal lawsuit alleging police officer beat him, took his bike | Paterson Times

City man files federal lawsuit alleging police officer beat him, took his bike


A city man filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging a city police officer beat him and took his bicycle, according to court documents.

Norris Rochelle of Godwin Avenue filed the lawsuit on April 30 alleging he was attacked “without provocation or warning” by Detective T. Allen after he exited the East 18th Street Walgreen’s during the late evening hours of July 26, 2013, according to the suit.

Rochelle’s suit states Allen and other officers were on the Walgreen’s premises when he entered the store after parking his bicycle in front of the store. Allen allegedly took possession of Rochelle’s bicycle by force when he exited the building after making a purchase.

Allen allegedly “gave it to an unknown individual who then left the scene with the bicycle,” according to the suit. The lawsuit alleges the other police officers at the scene did not intervene as Rochelle was allegedly being physically assaulted, according to the suit.

Rochelle “was then forcible thrown against a police vehicle, was handcuffed and then thrown into the back of the vehicle,” alleges the suit. Rochelle was transported to Paterson police headquarter for processing when Allen allegedly indicated he was arrested “for talking shit in front of the van.”

The lawsuit states Rochelle did not speak to Allen as he attempted to leave the area, according to the suit.

Rochelle was released on bail the next morning, states the lawsuit. Allen is alleged to have acted “under the color of the law, filed false and/or misleading complaints and/or statements regarding the events that occurred on or about July 26, 2016, in order to avoid criticism, discipline or accountability for his actions,” the suit reads.

The lawsuit states Rochelle was falsely imprisoned and his constitutional rights were violated. Rochelle also “sustained physical injuries as a result of mistreatment,” the suit reads.

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    there must be more to this story.i'm sure it's all on Walgreens video.why would this cop act this way if the guy did nothing wrong?
    that's one of the worst areas ever,there's no shortage of evil criminals there.why don't they go round them up? & where is this man's bike?