City council approves almost $580,000 for road resurfacing | Paterson Times

City council approves almost $580,000 for road resurfacing


The city council approved $579,986 in state road resurfacing grant it received earlier in the year to pave a small number of streets.

14 streets are on the list for resurfacing, but not all of them will be paved. The estimated cost to resurface the 14 streets stand at $1.8 million, according to city records.

The state grant will be used to resurface as many streets as possible until fund runs out, said city officials.

On the list are:
•    Trenton Avenue from 22nd Avenue to Route 80 bridge
•    Trenton Avenue from Michigan Avenue to Crooks Avenue
•    Dundee Avenue from East Railway Avenue to Lakeview Avenue
•    East 27th Street from 18th Avenue to Market Street
•    Hamilton Avenue from Straight Street to Carroll Street
•    Sparrow Street from River Street to North York Street
•    North York Street from Lyons Street to Sassafras Street
•    19th Avenue from East 30th Street to Vreeland Avenue
•    East 29th Street from McLean Boulevard to 10th Avenue
•    Quinn Street from McBride Avenue to Barnes Street
•    Hoxey Street from McBride Avenue to Grand Street
•    Danforth Avenue from McBride Avenue to Ramsey Street
•    North Main Street from Clinton Street to Haledon Avenue
•    North 10th Street from Jefferson Street to Oxford Street.

The city received the grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) in April.