Sheriff: City man arrested with 23 MDMA pills on Presidential Boulevard | Paterson Times

Sheriff: City man arrested with 23 MDMA pills on Presidential Boulevard


A 32-year-old man was arrested Friday afternoon as he attempted to leave the area following a pick-up of suspected MDMA (Mollies) pills from the sidewalk on Presidential Boulevard, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Norman A. Butts, 35, of Paterson, was observed picking up a clear plastic sandwich off the sidewalk at Presidential Boulevard and West Broadway by Sheriff’s Detectives Joseph Cammisa and Raphael Garcia at around 4:45 p.m. while on patrol of the high drug trafficking area.

The detectives were at the traffic light at the intersection of Presidential Boulevard and West Broadway when they observed Butts pick-up the bag containing pellets that resembled MDMA (Mollies).

Siren and police light was activated, Butts was stopped at 105 Presidential Boulevard. Seeing authorities, Butts quickly placed the clear plastic bag with his left hand into his left front jeans pocket, authorities said.

A search by detectives led to the recovery of 12 rocklike crystal pellets in a plastic bag and another 11 pills white rocklike substance both suspected to be mollies, authorities said.

Butts was charged with two-count of third-degree drug possession. Authoirties said he was released after being processed with a court date on June 29 at the Paterson Municipal Court.

“This arrest shows that alert law enforcement officers can get drugs off our streets,” Berdnik said. “This arrest shows the diversity of narcotic substances on the streets of our County.”

  • David Davis

    Like you said,you can get drugs off themsstreet,so why so long in doing it,Paterson is just like Harlem were in the 1970's,it's just a matter of time before the murder rate will skyrocket because of it.