Car burglary victim trails suspect leading police to make arrest | Paterson Times

Car burglary victim trails suspect leading police to make arrest


The victim of a car burglary this morning on Union and Sheridan Avenues did not let the individual responsible for ransacking her vehicle get far.

Police said the victim began to trail the suspect after being notified by a neighbor that someone was burglarizing her car.

City resident Dayshawn Stephens, 20-year-old, the alleged person responsible for the burglary, was quickly arrested by police officer L. Sanchez after a description of the individual was released. Officer Sanchez searched the area using the description eventually locating Stephens and bringing him into custody.

Police officers A. Sandoval and J. Farfan were first to respond to the incident and communicated the suspect’s description.

Police reviewed the vehicle that was the target and found it was ransacked but nothing was taken because watchful neighbor’s quickly sized up the situation.

“This arrest can be attributed to the officers and community working together to quickly piece together the elements, which resulted in an arrest,” said police director Jerry Speziale commending Sanchez.

Stephens was transported to city police lockup and charged with burglary. “All crimes will be pursued in our city and those responsible will be charged accordingly,” said the director.

July 15th, 2015: Correction: A previous version of this story erroneously mentioned the victim was the perpetrator.  This fact has been corrected at 2:05 p.m.