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Mayor Torres to swear in 21 new police officers


21 new police officers will join the ranks of the Paterson Police Department on Monday afternoon when mayor Jose “Joey” Torres swears them in during a ceremony in city hall.

“As Mayor, I have a duty and an obligation to do whatever I can to protect the good and decent citizens of Paterson and lay the seeds for improving the quality of their lives while enhancing the opportunity for growth and prosperity,” said Torres in a statement on Monday.

Torres promised to hire 100 police officers during his term in office. Last July, the mayor added 26 police officers to the force. This year, on top of hiring the 21 regular officer, the city will swear in 21 special police officers who have the power to tackle quality-of-life crimes like loud music.

“This is a great day for the City of Paterson and for our police department,” said police director Jerry Speziale. “Mayor Torres and I will continue to make every effort to strengthen not only the ranks of the department but our relationship with the community and our commitment to the safety and security of all who live, work and visit our City.”

Since taking office last July, Torres has hired 68 law enforcement officers including the 21 special police officers set for deployment on Monday.

“Today we take another step forward towards honoring my commitment to add an additional 100 police officers to the force and I welcome these new recruits as shining symbols of progress and as my partners in the fight to preserve this city’s greatness,” commented Torres.

The mayor will swear in the new officers Monday at 10 a.m. in city council chambers.

  • Kary Testino

    I definitely am noticing that the police officers are a little older and hopefully this maturity will benefit all. Good job Paterson but you should have hired 31 and did away with the special officers. Most of these loud music complaints turn bad and someone is going to get hurt.

    • zlop

      "Most of these loud music complaints turn bad and someone is going to get hurt."
      Police need advanced technological weapons, pain rays and infrasound?

    • np

      Kary, you're nothing but loom and gloom. You talk about things you have no idea what you're talking + about. For example, you commented about the specials being a patronage job. You don't even know what the process is all about. Instead of being so negative, take the test, get the training and join the force. Be a part of the solution.

      • Kary Testino

        …"loom and gloom" no, it's a reality that these political patronage wanna be cops will not be able to add any added value to policing Paterson. Well maybe by working as crossing guards but to patrol the parks?? no way, remember this was tried already when we had those OEM officers. Was great in the beginning but as time passed they became a nuisance instead and eventually killed someone.

  • don

    yeah true , the special police officers were a cheap way to go , once people start realizing they aren't full police officers , they're not going to care , people don't care for the regular officers imagine the specials , good luck with that