Two men arrested in connection with Union Avenue carjacking | Paterson Times

Two men arrested in connection with Union Avenue carjacking


City police arrested two suspects driving a vehicle on Union Avenue that was carjacked just hours before on the same street early Monday morning, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Ibn Muhammed, 29, of Teaneck, and Kadeem Clarke, 26, of Paterson were arrested by police after they were caught driving the vehicle on Union Avenue near Marion Street three hours after the carjacking.

The victim was carjacked at about 4:40 a.m. when he stopped in his vehicle to speak to a female co-worker. The female’s boyfriend began to assault and pulled him out of his 1997 Champagne colored Lexus.

A group of men connected with the boyfriend helped beat the victim. The suspects then left the area and took the victim’s vehicle inside of which was his belongings and phone. The victim was forced to walk home.

The victim was not able to report the incident until 7 a.m. Police officers Angel Gonzalez and Joehan Suarez responded and issued an alert to other offices to be on the lookout for the hijacked Lexus. Gonzalez and Suarez searched the area for the vehicle.

The two officers spotted the vehicle traveling on Union Avenue with two men inside. A motor vehicle stop was conducted as the car turned on to Marion Street stopping abruptly in the corner. Muhammed, the driver of the vehicle, exited the vehicle and began to flee.

Suarez gave chase. Gonzalez secured Clarke, the passenger, placing him under arrest. Police setup a perimeter in the area around Coral Street to prevent Muhammed from leaving the vicinity.

Muhammed was found crouched down, hiding in a backyard. He was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and receiving stolen property by Suarez with assistance from other units. Clarke was charged with joyriding, said Speziale.

“The officers persistence and search for the vehicle was paramount in locating the vehicle and arresting those in possession of the stolen property,” said the director. “The tireless efforts of all the officers involved is noteworthy and typical of Paterson’s finest.”

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    meanwhile the "group of men connected to the boyfriend" aka thugs,gang members-remain on the street & continue robbing people.
    why do we pay for street cameras?they don't work & no one moniters them.every single crime should be caught,real time by the camera monitor & police dispatched to the area immediately.paterson has ecome a septic tank.worse by the day. the Feds must come in & replace our inept & corrupt system of government.