Shady Street building owner pays almost $98,000 to city for fire watch | Paterson Times

Shady Street building owner pays almost $98,000 to city for fire watch


A city property owner whose tenant filled the rented building on Shady Street with hundreds of thousands of tires has paid the city $97,920 for 102 days of fire watch, according to city fire officials.

“He was very cooperative,” said deputy fire chief Brian McDermott. The Bunker Hill section building is owned by a North Bergen-based limited liability company called Shady Street Realty.

Fire officials said the owner has paid the entire amount to the city. “He was in a predicament,” said McDermott. “He did the right thing.”

The tenant at the building located at 22-32 6th Avenue (also known as 5 Shady Street) was Full Circle Tire Recycling whose owner Dave Renta left the building packed with 350,000 junk tires, according to a tipster.

When city officials were tipped off a 24-hour fire watch was ordered at the location. A fireman was stationed at the location for 102 days as a precaution against a possible tire fire, a stubborn type of conflagration that is difficult to control and suppress, which could have engulfed a large part of the Bunker Hill section, an area with large industrial buildings.

The fire watch began on March 20th, 2015 and ended on June 29th, 2015, according to fire officials.

Neighboring business owners said Renta’s company was operating at the site for a year, but it abandoned the site at the beginning of 2015.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) investigated the abandoned tire stuffed building in April. NJDEP officials at the time said the building’s operator would likely face a fine. It’s not clear if state officials have fined Full Circle Tire Recycling or the company’s owner Renta.

The timely payment to the city also made him fiscally responsible, said the deputy chief. The building owner’s name was not available. City tax record shows the property as belonging to a limited liability company.