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Paterson non-profit looking for recent college grads to serve in community schools


The New Jersey Community Development Corporation (NJCDC) through its Paterson Community Schools Corps is seeking dozens of new college graduates to serve in five neighborhood schools to provide daily support to classroom teachers and individual attention to students.

Deadline to join the schools corps is September 30. Members will be asked to do the following:

•    Provide Academic Support:
o    Provide daily instructional support to classroom teachers.
o    Develop tutoring programs.
o    Provide individual attention to students requiring additional assistance in areas such as homework, personal development, and college applications.

•    Decrease At-Risk Behavior:
o    Develop & implement lesson plans for after-school and out-of-school time programming.
o    Conduct academic, youth developmental and family workshops utilizing community resources & partners.

•    Strengthen Families and Communities:
o    Plan and implement events for parents and families to help facilitate parental involvement and a healthy home environment.
o    Design and lead community service projects.

In addition to the satisfaction of knowing each member has served his or her community and made an impact on a student’s life, members will receive bi-weekly allowance, education grant, and student loan forbearance, according to NJCDC.

Benefits for members:
•    A bi-weekly living allowance (starting at $12,530)
•    An education grant of $5,730 (if Member completes a full service term)
•    Education loan forbearance during time of service
•    Health coverage
•    Childcare benefits (if needed)
•    Free professional development training
•    Resume-building work experience in human services
•    Networking events and opportunities

Interested recent college graduates may submit an application via the Americorps website or send resumes directly to program coordinators.

Click here to apply via the website or send resume to Nicole Sweeney – [email protected] or Marquise Guzman – [email protected].

Applications must be in before September 30.