Police target 27 locations city wide: 90 summonses issued, 14 vehicles ticketed, two arrested on drug charges | Paterson Times

Police target 27 locations city wide: 90 summonses issued, 14 vehicles ticketed, two arrested on drug charges


City police targeted 27 high crime areas during a weekend crime suppression detail issuing 90 summonses, 14 motor vehicle violations, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Two alleged drug dealers were also arrested during the two-day operation leading to the recovery small quantities of crack-cocaine and heroin.

Arrested were city residents David Lawrence, 30, and Jatrail Avent, 18, both on drug offenses, said the director.

Lawrence was arrested with 33 baggies of crack-cocaine on Park Avenue and Crosby Place, said the director. Avent was arrested on Rosa Parks Boulevard and Putnam Street with five glassines of heroin, said Speziale.

City police Narcotics Unit and Ceasefire Unit conducted the operation from Friday to Saturday. The streets that received the most attention were Park Avenue, North Main Street, and 10th Avenue.

In all city police addressed 27 locations throughout the six wards that at times included entire neighborhoods. For example police targeted Rosa Parks Boulvard from Keen to Lyons Street; Union Avenue from West Broadway to Preakness Avenue; Main Street from Madison to Crooks Avenue; and East 19th Street from Park to 17th Avenues.

The 90 ordinance violations were issued for obstruction of public passage, obstruction of commercial establishment, public drinking, and loud music, according to police.

Speziale praised the conduct of city police officers for their continued effort to build a safer Paterson through effective policing.

“The men and women of the police department will continue to suppress crime where needed based on hotspot and problem-solving policing”, said Speziale.

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