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School board member extols Fetty Wap’s accomplishments


I’d like to talk briefly about a young man who had a dream—a dream to one day make it big in the world of entertainment. His name is Willie Maxwell II. He’s known worldwide by his stage name “Fetty Wap.”

Mr. Maxwell worked hard to fulfill his dream. Like any of us, he wanted to find a way to provide for his family, to free himself from poverty. He wanted to live the life he chose and not one that was chosen for him.

One day, he achieved his dream. He became the only artist in years to have 4 hit singles. He went on to become an icon. Millions now walk, ride and play his music around the world.

He finally achieved his dream. But he never forgot where he came from. He didn’t forget the city where he cut his teeth as new upcoming artist: Paterson.

I tip my hat to Mr. Maxwell for working hard and achieving his dreams. Who can rightfully criticize a man for working hard and succeeding?

It’s a monumental feat nowadays for anyone let alone a black man from an urban community anywhere in America to make it—period.

I’m told that Mr. Maxwell came from humble beginnings. I’m told that Mr. Maxwell had a rough childhood and that Mr. Maxwell wanted to come back and giveback to the city he grew up in.

I say more power to him. We need more people from Paterson who made it big and moved on to come back to Paterson and show love on a regular basis.

Welcome home, Mr. Maxwell.

Corey Teague
School board member