Paterson mayor Torres’ vehicle broken into while he attended Labor Day mass | Paterson Times

Paterson mayor Torres’ vehicle broken into while he attended Labor Day mass


While he was attending Labor Day mass at St. John’s Cathedral on Monday, mayor Jose “Joey” Torres’ vehicle’s side window was smashed and a suspect made away with the truck’s radio, according city officials.

Police director Jerry Speziale confirmed the incident took place on Grand and Main Streets on Monday when the mayor and other government officials attended mass at the church.

A church official said the mass conducted by pastor Mark J. Giordani began at 10 a.m. at the cathedral, but she was uncertain as to when it ended.

Torres could not be reached on his cellphone late Wednesday afternoon.

It’s not clear whether the vandalized vehicle was Torres’ city provided Chevy Suburban or his personal vehicle. City officials indicated the vehicle was the city provided truck. It’s in the shop being repaired, said city officials.

It’s not clear if police have a suspect. The car’s music radio was stolen by the suspect, said Speziale. He said a police report was made.

The police director said the incident is being investigated. “It’s being handled like every other vehicle theft in the city,” said Speziale.

This is not the first time criminals targeted the mayor. The night Torres won his third term as mayor, his home was broken into by burglars.

Correction (9/9/2015): An earlier version of this story stated the vehicle was broken into on Grand and Market when in fact it was Grand and Main streets.