Grimes Place drug bust yields five arrests, 730 bags of heroin | Paterson Times

Grimes Place drug bust yields five arrests, 730 bags of heroin


Five people – among them two cousins – were arrested in a late Friday morning drug bust on Grimes Place that yielded 730 glassines of heroin, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Speziale said the city police Narcotics Unit recovered 18 baggies of marijuana and confiscated $2,537 in suspected drug proceeds at about 11:54 a.m. in an investigation at 12-1 Grimes Place.

Arrested were two out-of-town buyers — Joseph Borsina Jr., 24, of Rochelle Park; Erik Austin, 35, of Orangeburg, NY — and three alleged city drug dealers — Zemyka Staggers, 21, of 12-1 Grimes Place; Qua’mere Staggers, 20, of 2-1 Grimes Place; and Saleem McQueen, 24, of Lakeview Avenue.

The two Staggers are cousins, said the director.

Borsina was charged with possession of 10 glassines of heroin; Austin was charged with possession of 44 glassines of heroin, said the director.

Austin has been charged with distribution and distribution near the Riverside Housing Complex. McQueen and two Staggers, who sold the heroin to Borsina and Austin, were charged with possession of 730 glassines of heroin.

The three were also charged with possession of 18 baggies of marijuana, said the director. Police also found drug paraphernalia: stamps, ink pad, empty baggies, and digital scales during the bust.

McQueen and the two cousins have been charged with drug possession, distribution, and disturbing near Riverside Housing Complex.

Speziale said $2,000 in suspected drug proceeds was recovered from Zemyka Staggers. $192 was confiscated from Qua’mere Staggers. And $345 was recovered from McQueen.

“The men and women of Paterson’s finest will continue to address the community’s complaints and target those responsible for distributing illegal narcotics,” said Speziale. “Narcotics detectives continue to work tirelessly to identify those responsible for selling and purchasing illegal narcotics.”