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School of Information Technology at Eastside launches IT certification program


The School of Information Technology at Eastside High School launched an information technology skills training program in collaboration with Cisco Systems to prepare city students for information and communications technology (ICT) careers in the tech industry, announced the district on Monday afternoon.

Students will take the courses through the Cisco Networking Academy, an IT skills and career building program, that helps to prepare pupils for careers in network security, technical support, and network administration.

The program also prepares students for professional certifications and higher education in engineering, computer science, and other related fields.

“These are highly exciting times in Network Security which offer both challenges and opportunity for qualified individuals,” said school principal Vivian Gaines. “Recent criminal breaches of world financial and commercial networks show not only the vulnerabilities of the 21st century economy, they also illustrate the need for specialists in Network Security. These jobs are abundant, rewarding, and high-paying.”

The program will initially offer essentials like router, switching, and network security courses which will be delivered via the cloud-based Cisco NetSpace Networking Academy. The online courses developed by Cisco and IT experts will offer network simulation exercises, labs, assessments, and feedback to reinforce key concepts.

Certified instructors will provide students with hands-on support in tech labs to further learning and track student progress, according to the district.

“Our twelve high schools offer a choice of a career/CTE [Career and Technical Education] or academic theme, and it is critical that we continue to expand the depth and breadth of these programs – not only by adding more theme-related courses, but through the inclusion of some form of licensure or certification for students to earn at the end of their respective program,” said state-appointed district Donnie Evans. “This will serve as a model for all of our high schools.”

The School of Information Technology at Eastside High School will partner with local businesses to identify internship and career opportunities for its graduates.

“The School of Information Technology administration and staff at Eastside High are excited to be ahead of the curve by offering these Cisco courses and certifications to Paterson students,” said Gaines.

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