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Nine arrested on drug charges in Paterson sweep


City police arrested nine on drug charges, confiscated more than $8,000 in suspected drug money, and recovered an assortment of drugs in a citywide sweep, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Conducted between November 3rd, and 9th, 2015, the sweep recovered large amount of marijuana, heroin, crack-cocaine, powdered cocaine, Xanax and Ultram pills, said the director. A weapon was also recovered during the sweep.

Kenyatta Robinson, 21, of Haledon; and Derrick J. Powell also known as “D-Long,” 40, of Paterson were arrested at 110 North 2nd Street on November 3rd, 2015.

Robinson, a buyer had just purchased a bag of marijuana from Powell, was arrested on drug possession.

Powell allegedly had 402 grams of marijuana and a High Point JCP 40 .40cal pistol. He was charged with various weapon offenses including having hollow point bullets, having a weapon when he is not allowed to by law, and possession of a gun while dealing drugs.

Police charged Powell with dealing drugs in a school zone and near a park. $7,389.00 in suspected drug proceeds was recovered from Powell.

Dontrel Whitaker, 22, and Tamar McGuire, 19, both of Paterson, were arrested on drug charges at 272 Broadway on November 4th, 2015. Both have been charged with having six Xanax pills. They charged with dealing drugs near a library and in a school zone.

Kasheem Allah-Shabazz, 38, of Lodi, was caught in the area of 4th Avenue and East 17th Street, on November 6th, 2015. He had in possession 155 glassines of heroin, 56 baggies of crack-cocaine, 20 grams of powdered cocaine, and 24 Ultram pills, according to police.

Allah-Shabazz has been charged with various drug offenses including dealing near school.

Korey J. Marche, 34; Malachi Washington aka “Chi,” 22; Rasheen N. Simmons, 40; Olin D. Simmons Jr., 59, all of Paterson, were apprehended at 47-51 Pennington Street on various drug charges including distribution, drug paraphernalia possession, and dealing in a school zone on November 9th, 2015.

The four had 38 grams of marijuana, according to police. $130 in suspected drug money was confiscated from Washington.

$509 was taken from Simmons.

Eight of the individuals arrested were alleged drug dealers. One was a buyer, according to police.

“Regardless of the seizure, any drug dealer will be arrested and charged accordingly,” said Speziale.

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