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Three juveniles arrested with gun, police


Three city youngsters were detained Monday night after police officers responded to an armed robbery near the Arch Street bridge, according to police.

Police officers Rocco Galiano and James Phelan responded to the bridge at about 9:33 p.m. to find two juveniles who matched the description of reported robbery suspects. The officers also saw a third individual walking with them.

Officers discerned the third young man was the victim being forced to walk with the suspects. Concerned about the victim’s safety, the police officers initiated an investigation, and ordered the three juveniles to stop.

Two of the young men ran from police. The third individual remained at the scene. Several other units responded to the scene.

Phelan saw one of the suspects discard a weapon which turned out to be a 9 mm handgun. The gun had one bullet in the chamber and six full metal jackets in the magazine, according to police.

Police director Jerry Speziale said the officers at the scene learned the third young man was not a victim but was among the suspects. All three were detained and transported to headquarters.

40 minutes later, police received a call from a victim who lived in the western part of the city about a robbery. Officer E. Morillo responded. The victim was robbed at gunpoint and pistol whipped on Presidential Boulevard and Arch Street.

Detectives Quaema McElveen, Joel Santiago, and Lt. Jaime Navarro of the city police juvenile division conducted the follow-up investigation.