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Police arrest nine in drug sweep


City police arrested nine people on drug charges in their weekly sweep from Tuesday through Friday, said police director Jerry Speziale.

454 glassines of heroin, 5 baggies of marijuana, 3 bags of crack-cocaine, and 18 Xanax pills were recovered during the operation. $624 was confiscated in suspected drug money.

Christian J. Ward, 23, and Cantrell L. Barrett, 36, both city residents, were arrested in possession of marijuana on Tuesday at 84 East Main Street. Ward had one knotted bag of marijuana; Barrett had four plastic baggies of marijuana, said the director.

Yhamere Mayo, 25, of Haledon, was arrested on East Main and Hillman Streets in possession of three baggies of crack-cocaine. $140 in drug money was taken from Mayo.

Michael Pelissier, 43, of Ridgefield Park, was arrested on Wednesday at 282 Broadway on possession of two Xanax pills, said the director.

Duraina M. Jackson, 49, of Englewood, was arrested with 18 Xanax pills. Jackson allegedly sold two pills to Pelissier.

Calvin Jefferson, 32, of Clifton, was arrested with three baggies of crack-cocaine on Park Avenue and East 21st Street.  Jefferson has a $483 outstanding warrant from the city, said the director.

$194 in drug money was recovered from Jefferson, according to police.

Keanu Batchelor, 20, of Paterson, was arrested on Thursday in possession of 34 glassines of heroin at 408 10th Avenue, said the director.

Latashia M. Porter also known as “Taysha,” 32, and Rasheem A. Lattimore also known as “Rosco,” 32, both city residents, were arrested at 248 Temple Street on Friday, said the director.

Porter and Lattimore have been charged with having 420 glassines of heroin. The two also had children in their second floor apartment from where they were allegedly distributing drugs.

Police charged Porter and Lattimore for endangering the welfare of three children: 14-year-old, nine-year-old, and three-year-old.

$290 in drug money was taken from Porter and Lattimore.

“The narcotics division will continue to deal with narcotics and vice operations impacting our city,” said Speziale.

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