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Police prevent suicidal man from jumping off Paterson building


A man, who was reportedly jumping from roof to roof in the vicinity of Broadway and Madison Avenue late Friday afternoon, was successfully talked out of jumping to his death from an elevated building, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Police emergency response team units responded to the area at about 5 p.m. and located the emotionally disturbed man containing him on the roof of an elevated garage in the rear of 635 Madison Avenue, said the director.

A jump from the building could have caused death or serious injury, according to police. Emergency response team sergeant Steven Rooney activated the police crisis negotiation team after the suicidal individual informed him he intended to jump from the peak of the location, according to police.

Mike Medina, a member of the team, gained elevation from a nearby adjacent area, and successfully engaged the individual in conversation, said the director.

Medina, the lead negotiator in the incident, after half-hour of conversation obtained the confidence of the man, who is identified as a former Massachusetts resident. The officer purchased a soda for the individual, gaining his confidence through the gesture, and convinced him not to jump to end his life.

The man was safely removed from the roof and transported to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for evaluation, said the director.

“Both the communications division and officers involved did a tremendous job in successfully negotiating this safe removal of the individual from the rooftop,” praised Speziale.

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    Respect to the Paterson PD.

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