Police arrest armed 18-year-old Paterson carjacking suspect | Paterson Times

Police arrest armed 18-year-old Paterson carjacking suspect


City police officers arrested a carjacking suspect, who allegedly pointed a gun at a victim on Jackson Street on Sunday night and made away with a Mercedes-Benz, just moments later on Lyon Street, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Eric Lewis, 18-year-old, was arrested on charges of carjacking, weapons offenses, aggravated assault on police officers, and resisting arrest at about 9:49 p.m., when plainclothes police officers identified him as the alleged carjacker by matching a cross facial tattoo, said the director.

Police officers Giaquinto, Gomez, Neibank, and Duffy saw Lewis hanging about with two males on Lyon Street — 1.7 miles from the carjacking scene. The officers exited and Lewis reached for his waistband before the group dispersed and the alleged carjacker fled east on Lyon Street, according to police.

As officers Gomez and Giaquinto chased Lewis he was observed throwing a handgun over a large commercial fence of an abandoned lot on 198-208 Lyon Street, said the director. Lewis futilely resisted when officers caught up with him on Putnam and East 16th Streets, said the director.

Officer Diaz and a K-9 recovered the discarded .40 caliber JCP High Point handgun. The stolen Mercedes-Benz was also recovered at the location, said the director.

The carjacking victim was brought to the scene by officer Lanfranco and identified Lewis positively as the person who carjacked him at gunpoint, according to police.

“All the officers involved did a tremendous job with their actions, response and quick thinking,” said Speziale. “This is a case that warrants review by our federal counterparts to see if it fits the criteria for federal prosecution.”