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Paterson’s lack of teachers in first marking period forces afterschool instructions for School 21 and 10 students


Students at School 21 and 10 who missed out on education instruction due to lack of teachers in the first marking period will receive afterschool instructions, according to the district.

School 21 students will receive 15 hours of additional instruction, according to the district. Lack of teachers mostly impacted seventh graders at the elementary school, according to a teacher. Seventh graders who missed out on bilingual mathematics, language arts, and mathematics will receive the additional instruction.

Students in grades six and eight will be administered additional bilingual mathematics instructions. Fourth graders who did not have a regular teacher for social studies and science will be provided additional instruction time as well, according to the district.

Similarly, School 10 will run an afterschool program for sixth and seventh grade students who missed out on mathematics and science instruction during the first quarter of the school year.

Both afterschool programs will cost $7,735, according to the district. The afterschool budget for School 21 is $5,355 and $2,380 for School 10, according to the district.

The program will start on January 4th, 2015.

Students at School 10 who missed out on instruction did not receive 1st marking period grades, said Terry Corallo, district spokeswoman. After they complete the 15 hours of instruction they will receive their first marking period grades, she said.

School 21 students did receive grades, but those can be revised after the completion of the afterschool program, according to the district.

School board member Lilisa Mimms criticized the district for poor planning and stated that students who missed instructions at School 21 ended up with high marks. “The grades that were given were A’s and B’s,” she said at the mid-December school board meeting.

The students who were in classrooms that had teacher vacancies in the 1st marking period in School 21 received grades ranging from A through D, according to school officials.

The grades were in line with students overall report cards, according to a school official. The grades can only be revised upwards after a student completes the afterschool program, said Corallo.

School 21 has hired certified teachers for seventh grade bilingual mathematics, language arts, and mathematics. A hire was made to fill the vacancy for eighth grade bilingual mathematics, said Corallo. And prospects have been identified for a fourth grade social studies and science position, she said.

“There should have been teachers with credentials in place,” said Mimms. She called the situation “unacceptable” and said the district ought to employ better planning to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The lack of teachers at School 21 received a great deal of attention when a teacher at the district brought the situation to light at a school board meeting.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Again this all falls on the mismanagement at 90 Delaware. If Paterson created an attractive district they would have no problem attracting talent. Yet they screw over educators in contract time,(yet have $ for politically connected fat cats , charters and consultants) so the best ones leave in droves and the teacher colleges in WP and Montclair state warn students that teaching in Paterson is professional suicide, so no new talent comes in. Of course teachers getting attacked by students going viral on Youtube doesn't help and I bet you that student wasn't expelled. But that's what they want a failing district so they remain under state control so the pigs continue feeding at the trough so to speak and they can justify charter expansion.