Jailed Paterson man charged with October shooting outside Main Street liquor store | Paterson Times

Jailed Paterson man charged with October shooting outside Main Street liquor store


The alleged actor who shot a 39-year-old city man in the neck outside a liquor store in October has been charged with attempted murder, according to police.

City resident Jahquil Bradley, 27, was charged with attempted murder and weapons charges, for allegedly striking the victim in the neck in a physical confrontation outside of Mo’s Liquors on Main and Weiss Streets on October 25th, 2015 at about 4:15 a.m., according to police.

Bradley was among a group of males outside of the liquor store when the victim got involved in a physical confrontation. Police said during the incident Bradley took out a handgun and fired multiple shots wounding the victim in the neck.

Ceasefire Unit detectives Edgar Taylor and Edgar Torres conducted a lengthy investigation that led to the charges against Bradley who is serving time in the Passaic County Jail on unrelated drug charges, according to authorities.

Bradley has been in and out of jail since the summer of 2013, according to county records. He is also charged with having a weapon with criminal record.

“Violent behavior is unacceptable and we will aggressively pursue the 1 percent responsible for violence in our city,” said police director Jerry Speziale.

  • Nia

    He may get 5 years. It's so sad that the judges and prosecutor don't care as long as they think that the crime will be contained in the hood but it won't. Their children and grand children will fall victim (I pray). Just like drugs they thought they could contain drugs in the black community but now there's more white kids hooked on drugs than blacks and Hispanics youth. Trey may smoke weed but these white kids are swallowing and sniffing every pill they can find. And shooting up too. Mark my words