Paterson to deploy more special police officers by spring | Paterson Times

Paterson to deploy more special police officers by spring


Out of over 100 applicants for the city’s special police force, 40 people have passed the written exam, said police director Jerry Speziale.

The director said the 40 who have passed the written examination administered by the New Jersey State Police Chiefs Association will now have to attend one-week of academy. He said that one week can be broken up into three weeks of night classes.

Speziale has authorization to build a 50-person special police force because of an ordinance that was passed by the city council in October 2014. Since then, the city has been utilizing 21 special police officers for a variety of operations including issuing tickets and quality of life issues, according to officials.

Police brass have praised the work and usefulness of the part-time special police officers. The city intends to hire 29 special police officers to bring the number to 50, said city officials during a budget hearing late last year.

The director said he is hoping to deploy the special police officers on the field by spring of this year.

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    is the written test extremely difficult?only 40 out of over 100 passed.hmmm.doesn't sound very good.