Sheriff: 31 arrested in child support sweep | Paterson Times

Sheriff: 31 arrested in child support sweep


31 people were arrested for outstanding child support payments, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Authorities said 39 warrants valued $778,682 were closed as a result of last week’s sweep.

Berdnik said the sweep was part of a statewide effort conducted in conjunction with the New Jersey State Sheriff’s Association to clamp down on those who owe child support payments.

“Individuals need to know that they will be arrested if they do not fulfill their court ordered obligations to their family,” Berdnik said. “The enforcement of child support obligations is an important function that PCSO will continue to fulfil throughout the year.”

  • Lydia Escobar


  • Jamie Lynn

    And of course my ex was not part of the sweep. He owes $30,000 plus.

    • Kenya T

      It's the first of many. He will prob get his chance.

    • Kevin Ditka

      There are hordes of men out there who currently and would go to the ends of the earth for their family. My question for you is why would you choose one who needs to be prompted to provide? Doesn't that speak to your decision making, too?

  • Ger

    Passaic county is the biggest joke. They don't care about the kids. Ever try and get ahold of your case worker ?? What a joke. They won't let you call them. They have to call you And whatever happens in court never stands true.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    lesson for the ladies stop having kids with broke losers who will never amount to anything.

  • G-Man

    Damn… I feel sorry for these poor men. What a horrible legal system. What really happens is that these agencies are not willing to work out a reasonable monthly payment… the laws are so strict that it is even worse than owing debt to a credit card. This is more like debtor prison, which is unconstitutional. A non custodian parent loses his job through a lay-off, or a no fault termination, and the non custodian parent has to go through hell and back to get any kind of emergency reduction or suspension of payments! How absurd this system is that they even tell you that they will get back to you after 180 days after you apply for a payment reduction review after you lose your job and cannot make the payments! Then they want to take away your driver's license… this really has to stop.

    • Connor

      Usually these 'men' have 3-5 or more kids by as many women. It's an epidemic that preachers ignore. As a retired Child a Support Bureau I witnessed cops, judges, mayors, bishops, apostles, pilots in arrears on CS payments. As one dad who wanted to get current after making one $100.00 payment 17 yrs 11 months said, 'I'm not a deadbeat dad'. Really Bishop, but you owe $21,500.00.
      Why wait until now to pay after child is 18 yo. Answer, 'I want to clear this up so I can run fo' city councilman. Ok, then Pay $21,500.00 in arrears NOW that your child was denied your support for 18 yrs, Bishop.