Paterson man charged for supplying heroin that killed Vernon resident | Paterson Times

Paterson man charged for supplying heroin that killed Vernon resident


A 20-year-old city man was arrested on Tuesday and charged with the drug induced death of a Vernon resident, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Unique H. Marshall, 20, has been charged with first-degree Strict Liability for a Drug Induced Death for supplying heroin that killed Michael Alfieri, 43.

Marshall supplied the heroin on January 29, 2016, authorities said. Alfieri overdosed and died from the drug, authorities said.

Marshall could face 10 to 20 years in state prison if convicted. His first court appearance is scheduled for Friday morning before New Jersey Superior Court Judge Marilyn Clark.

Bail has been set at $250,000 with no 10-percent option for Marshall, authorities said.

  • Timothy Godwin

    The bull shit ,this kid didnt tell this guy to be a dope feen!!!

    • Ava

      You're a stupid piece of shit. One day, when your kids overdose on drugs and die, you will say the same thing right!!

  • friend

    He is a drug dealer regardless…put him away and throw away the key…God Bless Michael's family

  • Friend

    For the piece of shit who lives in a bubble , Mikey was one of the best guys I ever new!!! He was the friend who you could call at 3 am because you had a flat or your kid had to go to the hospital and he would be there no questions asked!! Unfortunately he was sick! You hear that sick, he had an addiction , so let me educate you dumb shit! If you had a family member with cancer would you ask for more cancer! He didn't want to use any drugs, he want more the anything to get better to stop! So when these drug dealing pieces of shit sell drugs on the street to sick people they are killing them!!! Helping kill them! No one would ever want to become addicted to Herion it's killing to many it's ripping families apart. It's destroying anything it touches, so u tell me who would want that ??? So now I hope you think before you write and just so you no MIKEY was the kindest nicest caring giving loving person!! Most of his friends including me had no clue he was on that we new he was in trouble I guess we didn't no how much trouble! Mikey was an amazing son who cherished his mother There isn't words to explain what a good man he was he shouldn't have been a stitistic and he wasn't a dope feen He was my friend and I LOVED him!!!!!!!!!!
    God bless you Mikey and his family

    • Ricky

      Regardless to what you say, your friend made his own choices, he chose to pick up, I used for 30 years & never not once blamed anyone for my addiction. …..nobody said MIKEY was a bad guy, he just made some bad choices…..You my man are just talking cause your angry. So when you decide to open your mouth and talk negative about the people whom you think are to blame for your friends death, think again…….Mikey did that to himself…..his choice, his addiction, everyone probably tried to help him in every kind of way, but I'm quite sure, once again Mikey chose not yo take the gelp……..I've been there done that, but eventually I took the help & now 10 years clean……Mikey could have been too………"CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY"….

    • Unk

      You comments are one side. This young man, Mikey made a decision. He chose something that was bad for him. Everything you have said about Mikey can be said for my nephew. You don't know his life. His struggles. He is a good person also who made a decision to get involved with a choice some would not choose for themselves. He made a decision. His decision didn't kill your friend, Mikey's decision was the result of his death. There was no murder, act of violence, or begrudging manner until Mikey was dead. This is unfortunate for both, but it is our own decisions that result in our demise. Don't point fingers unless you are prepared to take all truths as they are.

  • Unk

    Remember the drug killed the person. It is unfortunate but the drug did it not the person distributing. The comments are disheartening. A drug dealer is not the killer but simply the distributor don't blame him for being the one to have the product.

  • Unknown

    It's really sad situation for both sides. But at the end of the day the "drug dealer" and the "dope feen" they were both human beings that made a choice that will affect them and their loved greatly. Of course Mikey's love ones want Unique to suffer because of how they are feeling. Addiction isn't just in the form of drug addicts. Unique was probably addicted to the lifestyle, getting money buying new clothes, shoes, etc, and the ATTENTION he's receiving from his peers cause he was so called "getting money". They both were victims at the end of the day. I'm not sure that jail is the answer, I believe Unique needs to see another way of living. And for anyone who wants to tell me that selling drugs can't be an addiction, you are absolutely wrong, I've witnessed it first hand. my husband is currently serving time for selling drugs when he was not selling drugs he was home we did everything together we took our kids to the park when he started selling he was always out always running around barely ever slept cuz he was addicted to making money and it was fast. now he is currently serving a 4 flat for selling drugs. Not only am i a recovering addict but my husband is recovering addict who had 7 years clean and decided to start selling drugs, didn't relapse, just replaced one addiction with another.