Paterson police recover three assault rifles, hundreds of ammunition | Paterson Times

Paterson police recover three assault rifles, hundreds of ammunition


Detectives recovered a weapon arsenal made up of two 7.62mm assault rifle, a .22 caliber assault rifle, and hundreds of ammunition on Tuesday, according to police.

Police discovered 100 .223 caliber rounds, 32 7.62 mm rounds, 84 .22 caliber rounds, 42 .56 caliber rounds, 4 .45 caliber hollow-point bullets, 36 .357 caliber rounds, 2 .40 caliber rounds, and seven extended magazine clips, said police director Jerry Speziale.

In total police recovered 300 ammunition, according to police.

Police said the weapons were stashed and used by street gang members in the northern part of the city.

Detectives Jason English and Benny Ramos recovered the arsenal, said the director.

“I commend those involved for removing these high-powered weapons from our streets,” said Speziale. “This recovery was a direct result of the relentless nature of these detectives, as they followed up on information received during the course of a previous investigation.”

  • Unc

    Who the F#@k writes this crap!?

  • Jaimi Kaurix Rodriguez

    No doubt that these weapons need to come off our streets, but your lack of knowledge and the hype up of the facts is showing. A .22 caliber assault rifle? Really!