Teague: I will be running to reclaim my school board seat | Paterson Times

Teague: I will be running to reclaim my school board seat


Given the fact that I have no interest in attaining a seat on the council, and given the fact that my passion will always be to serve the needs of the children of Paterson, I want to officially announce that I will be running to reclaim my seat on the Paterson Board of Education.

The fact of the matter is that I actually want to serve on the board. I continue to attend workshops, regular and special meetings. And I have been actively advocating for the children of the Paterson school district despite the results of the last school board election.

For too long, the community has elected folks to the school board who have no real intention of serving the students on a long term and consistent basis . When will enough be enough? Why remove someone from the board who loves to fight for the children yet elect people who couldn’t care less about fighting for the children?

4 of the 9 current school board are running for seats on the council. While their decisions are not illegal, it certainly speaks to the issue of making sure we elect board members who have a vested interest in serving our children.

My hope is that come November 2016 the parents of Paterson will finally right a wrong and return me to the school board so that I can continue to fight for the entire community. Until then, I will continue to hold the administration and the board accountable.

Corey Teague
Former school board member