35 arrested in Paterson frequenting a Broadway drug den, prosecutor | Paterson Times

35 arrested in Paterson frequenting a Broadway drug den, prosecutor


A city man who ran a sophisticated drug den out of a Broadway home was arrested on Wednesday along with 34 people who allegedly frequented the property, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Jaquwane Gray, 39-year-old, operator of the highly trafficked drug den out of 221 Broadway apartment, was arrested on drugs and weapons offenses after a three-week investigation, authorities said.

Authorities said as many as 50 people were observed frequenting the location in an hour during the Caveat Emptor or “buyer beware” operation.

Alleged buyers were observed briefly entering the location and then exiting, authorities said. Surveillance showed an alleged customer would knock on the front door of the Broadway apartment while a person served as a lookout to alert Gray (pictured) in the event of law enforcement presence.

The lookout through a walkie-talkie would alert Gray that a customer was at the door. Once the customer was let in Gray would exchange drugs for money, authorities said.

Authorities raided the multi-family home after arresting mostly buyers who arrived at the location to purchase drugs or completed a transaction, authorities said.

Authorities arrested Juan Feliz, 42, of Paterson, for wandering public places to obtain or sale drugs. Feliz was also charged with drug possession, authorities said.

The rest of the individuals nabbed in the operation were charged with wandering, remaining in, or prowling public places with the purpose of obtaining or selling drugs:

Calvin Pagan, age 54, of Paterson, NJ
Ethel Bailey, age 42, of Paterson, NJ
Dyrick Smith, age 54, of Paterson, NJ
Keisha Holly, age 42, of Paterson, NJ
Casey James, age 26, of Paterson, NJ
Darrell Adamson, age 50, of Paterson, NJ
Ryan Bayuk, age 21, of Paterson, NJ
Frank Belsky, age 42, of Paterson, NJ
Thomas Boykin, age 55, of Paterson, NJ
David Cambell, age 50, of Paterson, NJ
Victoria Danzy, age 53, of Paterson, NJ
John Fatts, age 47, of Paterson, NJ
Andrew Felmore, age 46, of Haskell, NJ
Jeanine Frederick, age 27, of Paterson, NJ
Rita Gram, age 54, of Paterson, NJ
Jasmine Greene, age 28, of Paterson, NJ
Andrew Harin, age 38, of Denville, NJ
Catherine Hubert, age 33, of Oradell, NJ
Gerardo Larussa, age 52, of Hackensack, NJ
Raymond Ledbetter, age 48, of Paterson, NJ
Jose Lopez, age 32, of Prospect Park, NJ
Schmon Lovelace, age 46, of Paterson, NJ
Fernando Marzam-Guzman, age 22, of Paterson, NJ
Arleaser Mickens, age 48, of Paterson, NJ
Marvin Morgan, age 57, of Paterson, NJ
James Murphy, age 37, of Paterson, NJ
Brian Parker, age 57, of Paterson, NJ
Jenny Perez-Gomez, age 29, of Paterson, NJ
Donald Simmons, age 27, of Wayne, NJ
Raymond Vantassell, age 49, of Paterson, NJ
Demia Ward, age 24, of Paterson, NJ
Dominique Ward, age 26, of Paterson, NJ
Adam Zengel, age 19, of Newark, NJ.

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