Paterson drug dealer caught after running from police while cursing | Paterson Times

Paterson drug dealer caught after running from police while cursing


An alleged city drug dealer was arrested with numerous baggies of MDMA and a handgun on Thursday after a chase and struggle with police officers, according to police.

Buchee Roundtree, age unknown, ran down Warren Street towards Hamilton Avenue to escape police while cursing at the officers, as they attempted to question him after observing a drug transaction on 12th Avenue and East 22nd Street, said police.

Police immediately began pursuing Roundtree even while he attempted to climb a fence at 461 Hamilton Avenue. Officer Eudy Ramos grabbed the suspect by the belt to prevent him from climbing the fence.

Roundtree punched Ramos injuring the officer. Ramos fell and injured his wrist. Other officers responded to the scene, subdued, and cuffed Roundtree.

A Davis 380 caliber handgun and numerous baggies of MDMA was recovered from the suspect, according to police.

Roundtree continued to resist even when he was handcuffed and put inside an interceptor. He became irate inside the patrol car and began kicking the window of the car.

A police officer used pepper spray to control him so as to prevent him from injuring himself or damaging public property. He was taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for examination.

There, Roundtree threatened to kill the officers. He has been charged with having an illegal weapon, for threatening to kill, having drugs, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest, said police.

Police officers Richard Ramos and Lillian Sanchez also played a role in catching the fleeing suspect.

“Officer Ramos is a brave individual and I pray for his speedy recovery and appreciate his service to the City of Paterson,” said police director Jerry Speziale. “These officers in the pursuit of justice went above and beyond in our goal of making a safer City.”

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    5 years for the weapon, 1 year terroristic threats, possession intent to distribute another 5 assaulting a police officer 4 and resisting arrest 1 . 16 years, something tells me he has priors so maybe add on some

    • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

      & by the time they are done plea bargaining & coddling him, he'll be lucky to get 5 years. & we will pay to feed & house him, all the programs he will be put in, & of course welfare when he gets out since he's now "traumatized" by prison life & can no longer work.meanwhile hell be making thousands a week dealing drugs on the side. great system we have.

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