Paterson’s 6th Ward resident rebuts Abdelaziz’s letter | Paterson Times

Paterson’s 6th Ward resident rebuts Abdelaziz’s letter


Al Abdelaziz’s letter to the editor leaves a great deal to be desired.  It is particularly disappointing because he makes no mention of the blatant overtime abuse within the Department of Public Works. Perhaps he is afraid to say anything about the overtime abuse because Abdelaziz has been endorsed by Mayor Jose “Joey’ Torres.

Abdelaziz  is beholden to the Mayor and would be a rubber stamp for Joey Torres,  I should add that Abdelaziz was a strong supporter of the Mayor Torres’s recreation tax which was decisively defeated at the polls.

Because he’s in the mayor’s back pocket, Abdelaziz would blindly support whatever Mayor Torres’  wants especially bloated budgets.  Mayor Torres appointed Abdelaziz to the Planning Board where he does the mayor’s bidding and now Torres wants Abdelaziz on the City Council so Abdelaziz can follow orders there.  Paterson does not need puppets and that’s just what Abdelaziz is.

Ammar Haq
6th Ward resident