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Teague: Voters must remain focused on the issues


It is obvious that with all the high priced political galas, complete with all of the bells and whistles, announcements of the free chicken and sodas for the less fortunate voters, and the over-the-top “feel good” sessions complete with smiles and empty promises, the political season is now in full swing.

Teams of respective candidates are positioning themselves to do battle in hopes of gaining or maintaining control, for their candidate, over a city that is all but financially insolvent.

Listen, as voters we must remain focused on the issues: high taxes, high crime and corruption. It’s not about focusing on negativity but rather reality.

With an illegally underfunded school system and an embattled Torres administration, it’s safe to say that Paterson is in serious turmoil.

This is not the time for electing folks based on popularity.

Please remember that whoever you select to serve on the council will be charged with managing your tax dollars. If they can’t manage their own what makes you so certain that they can manage yours?

This is no laughing matter.

Paterson, we had better get it right this year. Stop electing folks based on personal interests and fondness.

Take time to learn about each of the candidates.

Make sure they possess the skills, commitment and knowledge of the office they seek before you vote.

Corey L. Teague
Former school board member and political activist