State troopers crash chasing car through Paterson | Paterson Times

State troopers crash chasing car through Paterson


Two state troopers collided while pursuing a Mini Cooper through Paterson on Saturday night, according to the New Jersey State Police.

One of the officers suffered a minor injury as a result of the crash.

A New Jersey State Police interceptor attempted to stop a car on I-80 West in Elmwood Park for a traffic violation, but the vehicle sped away after the trooper got out of his car.

A second state trooper observed the vehicle a mile west and began a pursuit. The suspect exited off the highway into Paterson on Market Street and drove through city streets ignoring stop signs.

The second trooper gave up chase for safety at which time the first trooper arrived to assist, but crashed into the rear of the second trooper’s interceptor, according to authorities.

The injured trooper was treated for a back injury.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Did the trooper get the plate # when s/he pulled it over? If that's the case Bravo for potentially saving the lives of pedestrians. If not then s/he should be disciplined for not following procedure. The owner will get arrested unless the car was reported stolen before it was pulled over