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Abdelaziz renews attacks on Sayegh over campaign filings, ‘paid for by’ labels


Challenger Al Abdelaziz issued fresh attacks against incumbent Andre Sayegh on Friday afternoon alleging the 6th Ward councilman has yet to rectify nine years of campaign finance filings and political signs devoid of ‘paid for by’ labels.

“He said he would correct the nine years’ worth of his inaccurate and incomplete reports, and include ‘paid for’ on his campaign materials, in the immediate future, yet he hasn’t done so,” said Abdelaziz referring to Sayegh.

“What’s he talking about? We’ve revised them all,” said Sayegh. He said ‘paid for by’ labels have been affixed to lawn signs that did not have them.

“The new lawn signs; the new posters. All have ‘paid for by Friends of Andre Sayegh’ on them,” said Sayegh.

Abdelaziz also attacked Sayegh on nine years worth of “incomplete” campaign finance reports.

“The question of when he will provide that information, and when he will comply with the law, deserves an answer now — not when he decides to provide it.  A half-completed job is not a job well done,” said Abdelaziz referring to incomplete campaign finance reports going back to 2004.

Sayegh said amended campaign finance reports that include donors’ occupation and employer information have been submitted to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) last week.

ELEC officials said they were in receipt of Sayegh’s amended reports on Monday afternoon. The reports will be available online on Tuesday.

“It’s done. We’ve sent them in,” said the incumbent. “We amended all the reports.” He said it took $7 worth of postage to send all the reports to Trenton.

Sayegh issued his own attack by blasting Abdelaziz for failing to disavow the endorsement of embattled mayor Jose “Joey” Torres who is embroiled in a political scandal involving public works employees who allegedly worked at his Arlington Avenue home and his nephew’s liquor establishment in the Riverside section while on city time.

“The real issue is taxpayers have had enough. He’s being supported by the mayor who has abused taxpayers, so he’s trying to deflect attention from that,” said Sayegh. “He’s the only candidate that’s been endorsed by the mayor. He accepted the endorsement. He hasn’t renounced the endorsement.”

Abdelaziz, who was appointed to the planning board by Torres, has repeatedly said he is his “own man.”

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