Paterson man alleges cop ‘physically attacked’ him at gunpoint, lawsuit | Paterson Times

Paterson man alleges cop ‘physically attacked’ him at gunpoint, lawsuit


In a federal lawsuit filed earlier in the month, a city man is alleging he was “physically attacked at gunpoint” by a police officer while walking on a city street in late September, according to a court complaint.

Faraj Murra alleges police officer Luis Torres “physically attacked” him at “gunpoint,” according to the complaint filed on April 12th, 2016. Murra exited a barbershop in the city and was walking through a street on September 23rd, 2015 when he came across Torres, who was off-duty at the time and inside a car.

Torres allegedly “grabbed Murra and assaulted and attacked him, pulling his service weapon and pointing it at Murray in a threatening and menacing manner,” reads the complaint.

Murra’s lawsuit states he was targeted by Torres because of his race and ethnicity. Murra is a Muslim while Torres is Hispanic, according to the complaint.

Murra filed an “excessive force” complaint with the city; however, that complaint did not go far, according to the complaint.

“Paterson treated the bias crime as minor infraction,” reads the lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges the city received “several complaints” about Torres’ conduct prior to the September incident.

Murra allegedly suffered “severe and grievous personal injuries” as a result of the incident, states the seven-count complaint.

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  • Plumber

    Ah let me guess, murra was walking around wearing his burka preaching the word when he was attacked by the officer, yet they fail to report if murra was arrested and charged. I believe murra's attorney instructed murra to concoct this story in order to have his charges reduced or dismissed. Like always, too many holes in this story and little details, and the city of Paterson would rather settle this case out of court for $7000-$10,000 dollars because it would cost the city (Taxpayer"s) a lot more money to see this case go forward, whether the officer is guilty or innocent.

  • Plumber

    Everything has to be about race, I like to know what made him (murra) stand out from a crowd as being muslim.