Paterson pays out $39,500 to settle excessive force lawsuit | Paterson Times

Paterson pays out $39,500 to settle excessive force lawsuit


The city council approved $39,500 to settle an improper arrest and excessive force lawsuit filed by a resident who was arrested by police officers responding to a domestic dispute incident on Belmont Avenue and North 7th Street, according to city and court records.

Gregory Bouie alleged four police officers viciously beat him during the arrest on August 28th, 2013.

Police were called by a bystander, who observed, Bouie and his girlfriend Tanisha Green exchange heated words at an auto repair shop at the intersection, according to complaint filed by Bouie.

“Mr. Bouie and Ms. Green told the officers that they had gotten into a verbal argument about the vehicle while at the auto body shop, but that there was no physical altercation, and that they did not need the officers’ assistance,” states the lawsuit.

“Someone needs to get arrested because someone called about a fight,” a responding officer said at the scene.

A second officer allegedly exclaimed, “Lock both of them up.” Both Green and Bouie were handcuffed by the officers.

“So you like beating up women?” one officer allegedly asked Bouie. The handcuffed woman was turned towards another direction while the officers allegedly beat Bouie.

The “officers forcefully hit and kicked Mr. Bouie about the eyes, chest, ribs, hands and back,” according to Bouie’s complaint. Bouie was allegedly beaten by cops a second time after he was transported to headquarters, according to his complaint.

Bouie requested medical attention and was taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center. Doctors found he suffered a “fracture of the base of the second metacarpal.” He was also “given a radial gutter splint, and provided medication for swelling and pain,” reads the complaint.

Council members approved the settlement at a special meeting on Tuesday night.

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  • Abe Frohman

    Second metacarpal fracture. Common injury sustained after throwing a punch. Radial Gutter splint (fancy term for wrapping your hand). Sounds like Bouie was the aggressor. Why would you pay him pay him ???