Paterson police seize assault rifle from East 23rd Street property | Paterson Times

Paterson police seize assault rifle from East 23rd Street property


A city police officer recovered a military grade assault rifle from 431 East 23rd Street on Thursday afternoon, according to police.

Police officer Joshua Serrano located the AR 15 equipped with tactical light and sight hidden at 431 East 23rd Street at about 1:33 p.m. today, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Speziale said 54 military grade .223 rounds were recovered as well. He said one 9mm bullet was also seized by Serrano.

Police received assistance from a concerned community member who helped in taking the weapon off city streets.

“The officer working together with the individual removed and extremely dangerous weapon from our streets,” said Speziale. “I am thankful for all involved in removing this deadly weapon in making the city for Paterson.”

This report was updated on May 5th, 2016 at 11 p.m.

  • Unc

    You have no idea about guns!!!

    • Rick James

      Speziale battled some badd ass mofos in S. America think he knows bout guns….

      • Unc

        I'll bet he couldn't hold a candle to me when it comes to guns, plus he can't even own a gun lmfao that's not military grade anything, there's are select fire! Those rounds are fmj you can buy at walmart!

        • JLP474

          Not at a Walmart in NJ.

          • Unc


  • MisterBig

    Military grade assault rifle. Wow. Fu*ktard much?

  • Jeff Goldstein

    What a joke. Military grade? Actually it looks NJ compliant and what a gun hobbiest would own.

  • Fred Frommy Colddeadhands

    what makes it s military grade ? Lol is it full auto ? Dies it have a Granad launcher ? Dumb artical for dump people

  • Michael D’Addario

    Did I miss the part of where this rifle was taken from? Was it subsequent to an arrest? Was it found just laying in a building somewhere?

  • Superdad1

    When did the military start issuing AR-15 weapons? Answer never! They use M16 fully or select file. An AR-15 only Semi-fire. One bullet per squeeze of the trigger, just like a revolver. Also, military uses green tip 5.56 NATO rounds ammunition, not regular civilian .223. This is not considered a powerful rifle round, in fact it's one of the lightest weight rounds available at only 55 grains. It is so under powered that the special forces in Afganistan and Iraq went to harder hitting calibers. I see a fancy looking target shooting gun with a cheap scope. A 223 round is barely sufficient to take down a deer reliably. The author of this article is an alarmist and needs to get their facts straight.

    What about an unbiased article on the illegal search and seizure of private property. That gun is clearly NJ legal, the magazines are all 15 rounds or less. Any law abiding citizens has the right under NJ and federal laws to keep that gun in their residence. Too bad if the neighbors didn't like it. You only need a forearm ID to purchase the rifle, not to keep it. If the person was a felon, then they committed a crime for illegal firearms possession. Learn the laws and firearms types before spewing your personal inaccurate rhetoric.

  • JLP474

    This article is crap and exactly what is wrong from the media. Was this a stolen rifle? Was this a legally obtained rifle? Where's the owner? We're there any arrests? Details, details, detail…your article lacks it. Oh and "military grade" lmao…please explain what makes this particular rifle "military grade"… I'd love to hear it.

    • GeDDeN

      i agree mostly. But that gun at least looks like something our ARMY would use.

      • JLP474

        Understood… But there is a vast difference between the looks of a military weapon and actual function of a military weapon…+ if this a NJ Compliant rifle…it's not even close.

      • ProperModulation

        I can show you a water pistol that "looks" like something our ARMY would use . . . does that make it illegal?

  • Rob


    What a load.

  • disqus_ZhMDRQdzEM

    Dumb writter.
    "Millitary grade 223 rounds".
    No military uses a 223 calibar.
    The US and the rest of NATO uses amore powerful 5.56 ammunition in the small rille round class.
    The 223 is in inches a cousin of the 22.
    The 5.56 is a metric size, again with beginnings from the 22 caliber.
    With the stronger charge in the 5.56 it should never be attempted to be loaded in a 223 rifle. A riffle designed for 223 could be damaged and be dangerous for the user.

    If anything the one 9mm bullet is the same caliber used in most NATO pistols.

    Other diferances:
    The us military M4 has a much shorter barrel, has provisions to mount a grenade launcher, the quad rail is shorter, uses 30 round magazeens not 15, and will shoot 3 rounds for every triger pull. Maybe other differences most likely but hard to say by picture.

    The truth is nobody in the USA can legally purchase a new military M4 or M16 riffle for petsonal ownership. At best a few grandfathered M16 riffles were grandfathered and registered decades ago. To buy a used one requires an extensive background, approvals, and fees. The cost of a used military grade M16 riffle is about the same as a new car.

    Yet you got people buying a low end civillion legal version for $500-1500 and their called military rifles by the media.

    If our military used that rifle as a standard issue then we would loose most every battle.

  • paul salchow

    Poor Patterson cops would drop a load if they saw what I own in Kansas, Full-Auto baby with Suppersors. SBR's , SBS, and a safe full of handguns. Helps I'm part owner of Simmons Gun Repair. AR-15's are the peoples protection from our Government.

  • Early Brown

    "…54 military grade .223 rounds were recovered as well. He said one 9mm bullet was also seized."
    I'm wondering if the writer might take this opportunity to educate the public a bit:
    What makes a round of .223 ammunition "military grade" and how does it differ from, say, "civilian" ammunition?
    Also, was there any sign of a brass case, primer or powder–the other components that could be used to convert that 9mm "bullet" into a round of live ammunition?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Libby

    how about this so called journalist report the fact that this was part of a high end NJ LEGAL collection that was stolen in a burglary where the perp entered a home in Edison and broke into a safe where the owner had his firearms and personal property properly stored.

  • DwlGrump

    That is not military grade probably no full auto fun switch and .223 is not used by our military …… as well there is no magazine with 30 round count shown in the pic and or related to in the article. Anything but military grade. Look alike's do not come close to the real deal ……

  • fredellis

    The Patterson Times would do well to hire writers that actually graduated from a college journalism program. It's painfully obvious from this article that the writer most likely got off of the short bus at the wrong stop and wandered into the Paterson Times offices when they were testing the monkeys at typewriters theory.

  • Richard Deldonna

    .223 is not military "grade". The 5.56 NATO round is. Learn the difference. And BTW, who's weapon is it? Did they seize it illegally from someone's home?