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Sayegh slams Abdelaziz for fixing campaign signs on utility poles


Incumbent Andre Sayegh slammed his opponent Al Abdelaziz on Friday afternoon for allegedly affixing campaign flyers on utility poles.

Sayegh alleged Abdelaziz violated city ordinance by fixing his campaign signs on 6th Ward utility poles.

“He throws out erroneous accusations regarding my campaign yet this is another example of him thinking the rules do not apply to him,” said Sayegh of Abdelaziz. “He wants to make the laws, but he refuses to follow them.”

Abdelaziz did not directly respond on Friday afternoon. His campaign responded to Sayegh’s attack: “Councilman Sayegh has been on the forefront of violating campaign laws throughout the years, especially this campaign – a true pioneer of evasion and a champion of cutting corners. Where are the ‘paid for’ lines on his posters and HQ banners?”

Sayegh has been criticized for having campaign materials that lacked “paid for by” labels. The incumbent said he has since rectified the issue with all his campaign materials. He said he placed labels on older materials and ensured “paid for by” lines were on newly printed campaign literature.

The incumbent also has been under attack for filing incomplete campaign finance reports for the past nine years.

“He mentioned yesterday in an article his ‘feet were on fire’ from walking. That’s doubtful, since he’s cutting so many corners, but we definitely know his ‘pants are on fire’ with all of his mischaracterizations,” read the statement from Abdelaziz campaign.

Abdelaziz’s campaign said Sayegh cut corners in filing campaign finance reports for the past nine years.

Sayegh said those reports have been rectified.

“No campaign material or political sign shall be attached to or affixed upon any public place, public facility or on public property by any means,” reads municipal ordinance 04-009.

The ordinance defines a “public facility” as “all public streets, sidewalks, boulevards, alleys or other public ways, all public parks, squares, spaces, grounds, buildings, medians, traffic signal facilities, utility poles or any other type of public pole, public trees, litter receptacles, benches, bus shelters, fences.”

Other candidates have also failed to abide by the city ordinance over the past years. Sayegh is calling on Abdelaziz to abide by the ordinance and immediately remove signs from utility poles.

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