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Paterson mother heaps praise on John P. Holland Charter School


Several years ago I made a critical decision about my daughter’s education and it is one that I hope more inner city parents have the opportunity to make.

I made the decision to send my (son/daughter to a Paterson Charter School and I am very glad I did. This year she will graduate 8th grade as a confident student who is ready to tackle high school.

The experience my child had at the John P. Holland Charter School was amazing. She had very dedicated teachers who helped her master the material she needs for high school, but they also taught her to think and to solve problems on her own.

The teachers and staff hold students accountable and don’t accept excuses for incomplete or poor work. I think that’s important because our children will be held to high standards when it’s time to enter the work world and compete for good jobs

There are many other things I liked about J.P. Holland. One of them was the discipline instilled in the children by the teacher and principal. Another is the simple fact that the children have to wear uniforms.  Knowing what your child will wear each day makes life so much easier for parents and puts an end to inappropriate dress that I see at many schools. Uniforms also nip in the bud, what I like to call the “fashion wars” among students. Children’s self-esteem should not be tied to clothes their parents can afford to buy them.

I am grateful for the opportunity to send my child to a Charter School and I hope that other parents and children will continue to have the opportunity to try an alternative to the city’s school district. I am not denigrating Paterson’s teachers, but the reality is that the city’s school needs a lot of improvement and until those improvements are made, parents should be given the opportunity of an alternative educational opportunity for their children.

Aidin Ortiz
Parent of John P. Holland student

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Why cant the same discipline issues be applied to Public schools? Christie creates a failing public system so he can justify the charter expansion. The kids in Paterson would be expelled for some of the things they do if they went to neighboring schools, so why do the public schools permit such egregious behavior like assaults on staff, drugs, and robbery? .