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Activist says Paterson should not tax St. Joseph’s Hospital


I did not plan to get involved in the latest flood of terrible decisions coming from city hall but I can’t keep silent on this one. I was shocked and appalled to read in the news today of the mayor and city council’s plans to collect revenue from St. Joseph’s Hospital.

I guess we all have a memory lapse. Or, maybe we just don’t care about the care our residents receive. Whether you are a fan of St. Joe’s or not you cannot deny the fact that this is the only hospital we have in Paterson.

Furthermore, you cannot deny the fact that after we lost Barnert Hospital, St. Joe’s took on the burden of caring for double the patients. In addition, we cannot ignore the high levels of crime and poverty in our city.

Services such as WIC, which is vital to families who need assistance, operates through St. Joes. And despite the rising costs in healthcare St. Joe’s continues to offer charity care to those who are unable to afford medical care.

Years ago, I remember visiting the hospital and getting medical care. I was unable to pay for it but charity care covered the costs for me. St. Joe’s has a visiting home nursing service with some of the best RN’s and CNA’s on earth.

I think it’s rather rude to attack an institution that has offered so much to our residents and residents in surrounding cities and states for decades. I’m not one to get into tax fights. I don’t have all the answers as to how to solve our tax woes but I don’t think we should attempt to cripple the only hospital we have in an attempt to plug a whole in the budget.

How about revisiting that crazy 30-year Pennington Park sellout, but that’s another rant. Anyway, I can’t go along with this. Hands off St. Joe’s Hospital. That’s my opinion.

Corey L. Teague
City Activist