Paterson opens libraries as cooling centers to counter heat wave | Paterson Times

Paterson opens libraries as cooling centers to counter heat wave


With temperatures expected to hover at 90 degrees or above over the next several days, the city has designated three of its public libraries and a recreation center as cooling centers for residents.

Residents may seek relief from the hot wave by going to the South Paterson, Totowa section, and Danforth Memorial Library locations.

The Riverside Vets Community and Recreation Center is also a designated cooling center.

Residents should call before going to any of the locations:
•    South Paterson Library, 930 Main Street, 973-357-3020.
•    Totowa section Library, 405 Union Avenue, 973-942-7198.
•    Danforth Memorial Library, 250 Broadway, 973-321-1223
•    Riverside Vets, 165 5th Avenue, 973-653-5932.

The Paterson Department of Health and Human Services’ heat wave survival tips are below:
•    Take a cool shower
•    Stay hydrated: be sure to drink lots of fluids, especially water and avoid caffeine
•    Never leave children or pets in parked cars, even for brief periods of time
•    Check on neighbors, family, and friends, especially those who are elderly, sick, or not able to take care of themselves without assistance and those who live alone.

Residents may also cool off while window shopping at Center City Mall or by visiting their church.