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17 alleged drug dealers, buyers charged in Paterson’s weekly drug sweep


The city’s weekly drug sweep resulted in the arrest of 17 alleged drug dealers and buyers, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Police seized $20,853 in cash, 746 glassine envelopes of heroin, 57 baggies of marijuana, and 29 baggies of crack-cocaine from July 27th through August 2nd, 2016, said the director.

Arrested were city residents Mark E. Shayland, 36, of East 21st Street; a city boy, 17; Kaheem M. Davis, 24, of 12th Avenue; Javon O. Davis, 28, of East 28th Street; Shalik D. Buffaloe, 31, of East 21st Street; Joshua Maldonado, 23, of Chadwick Street; Alberto S. Roman, 24, of East 20th Street; Yan Dominguez, 20, of Mary Street; Jose M. Acevedo, 18, of Spruce Street; Kareem Lyde, 32, of Edmund Avenue; Maqa T. Robinson, 28, of East 23rd Street; George A. Jackson, 68, of East 23rd Street; Shaheed Q. Jackson, 36, of Katz Avenue; Christopher L. Young, 22, of Kearney Street; and Terrell Bellamy, 43, of North 8th Street.

Also charged were Andrew Harin, 38, of Rockaway; and Jessica M. Polmann, 25, East Rutherford.

Police charged Shayland with having 16 baggies of crack-cocaine at 230 Rosa Parks Boulevard on July 27th, 2016.

$249 in drug money was seized from him.

Police arrested the 17-year-old on Governor Street with 30 baggies of marijuana, according to police. He had $362 in drug money that was seized by police.

Kaheem M. Davis was arrested with 4 baggies of marijuana on Park Avenue and East 22nd Street, according to police.

Police arrested Javon O. Davis and Buffaloe at 465 East 25th Street. Javon O. Davis allegedly had 12 baggies of marijuana while Buffaloe had 1 baggie of marijuana, 40 glassines of heroin, and 5 baggies of crack-cocaine.

Maldonado, Roman, and Dominguez were arrested at 20 Chadwick Street on July 28th, 2016. All three were charged with having 1 knotted bag and 7 baggies of marijuana. Police seized $315 from Maldonado, $21 from Roman, and $76 from Dominguez, said the director.

Acevedo was arrested with 11 glassines of heroin in the corner of Marshall and Slater Streets. He had $547 in suspected drug money that was confiscated by police.

Harin was arrested at 83 Marshall Street for loitering to commit a drug offense, said police.

Lyde was caught with 7 baggies of crack-cocaine at 105 16th Avenue, said police.

On August 1st, 2016, police arrested Robinson, George A. Jackson, Polmann, Shaheed Q. Jackson, and Young at 127 East 23rd Street. Robinson allegedly had 545 glassines of heroin, 1 baggie of crack-cocaine, and 2 baggies of marijuana. He allegedly sold 29 packets of heroin to Polmann, 1 baggie of marijuana to Young and Shaheed Q. Jackson.

Police also charged George A. Jackson with having 1 baggie of crack-cocaine, 1 baggie of marijuana, and 516 glassine of heroin during the same bust.

$989 was taken from Robinson.

$13,458 in drug money was seized from George A. Jackson, said the director.

Both Robinson and George A. Jackson were also charged with having drug paraphernalia.

The next day, August 2nd, 2016, police arrested Bellamy with 150 glassines of heroin and $4,836 in drug money at 72 North 8th Street. He was also charged with having drug paraphernalia.

“The department continues to actively pursue those involved with illegal narcotics,” said Speziale.

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