Teague: ‘Shocking’ level of silence from Paterson city council on mayor’s DPW scandal | Paterson Times

Teague: ‘Shocking’ level of silence from Paterson city council on mayor’s DPW scandal


The citizens of Paterson have been abused by the actions of Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres long enough. Back in 2011, former Mayor Jeff Jones was tarred, feathered and lambasted for overtime payments.

A committee of the whole was created to call Mayor Jones to the carpet to answer a series of questions concerning all payments received by the Jones Administration. Folks were fired, forced to make restitution to the city or both. What’s shocking is the level of deafening silence from the present council in regards to the dastardly acts of the current Torres Administration.

There must be a vote of NO CONFIDENCE taken immediately or the community will lose confidence in the city council. At least 8 videos have been released showing questionable activities by the mayor using certain DPW employees to do unauthorized work on his private residences and family-owned businesses, yet nothing has been done.

What is taking so long to do what needs to be done in this matter? For those who are wondering what this has to do with the children or education, I’ll tell you. It has everything to do with our children because they are looking at us and formulating how they should live when they become adults.

Is this the best example we can leave for the next generation to follow? I think not. Someone had better take a stand or else.

Paterson is the laughing stock of the state right now. How much longer should we be made to endure such an embarrassment of an administration? I am calling on the city council to do what is right by the people, for the people.

Take a vote of NO CONFIDENCE immediately.

Corey Teague
Activist, school board candidate

  • Unc

    They're all crooks IMHO

  • Dave Cubby

    What are the dastardly acts Mr. Teague? The NBC videos confirm that DPW employees were present at these sites, but NBC has not put forward anything regarding how much time was spent by these employees at these sites. They say that they billed the city on those days, but doesn't mention whether they were punched in and on the clock when filmed. Like him or not, Paterson has another year plus under Mayor Torres if these questions go unanswered, so what would be accomplished by burning bridges?