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Paterson police seize handgun in 11th Avenue traffic stop


Police officers seized a loaded handgun in a traffic stop on 11th Avenue late Monday night, according to police.

Khalif Turner was spotted driving a Chrysler 200 with North Carolina license plate and expired vehicle registration by officers Brian Culmone and Robert Shirey at 11:26 p.m. on 11th Avenue and East 26th Street.

Officers approached both sides of the vehicle. Turner was found to have an $80 outstanding warrant out of Paterson. He was told of the warrant, ordered to step out of the vehicle, and placed under arrest, according to police.

Shirey illuminated the interior of the vehicle with a flash light and noticed the center console was not fully closed spotting the butt of a handgun.

Police seized a silver Smith and Wesson 9mm semi-automatic handgun loaded with 15 Winchester 9mm Luger ball rounds.

Turner told police he bought the gun legally in North Carolina and paperwork should be in the trunk. Shirey found a box containing 76 bullets and a large capacity magazine with 16 rounds. The officer was also able to locate the blue manufacturer box for the gun.

“There was no such paperwork in the trunk showing Mr. Turner had purchased the firearm legally,” said police director Jerry Speziale. Turner was told he could not transport a loaded firearm in New Jersey in the passenger compartment of a vehicle.

Police charged Turner with handgun possession and possession of high capacity magazines. He was also issued a ticket for unregistered vehicle. His car was impounded for being unregistered. A passenger, who was with Turner, was released.

“These officers are able to see situations for what they are by being aware of their surroundings and removed a high power weapon and ammunition from our streets,” said Speziale.