Paterson police arrest 8 in Ryerson Avenue drug raid | Paterson Times

Paterson police arrest 8 in Ryerson Avenue drug raid


Police raided a Ryerson Avenue home that was being used as a hub for drug distribution after receiving numerous complaints from area residents on Thursday afternoon arresting eight city residents, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Jermoune Davis, of Manchester Avenue; Ramon Rodriguez, of Union Avenue; Tyrone Gillison, of Ryerson Avenue; Robin Pearson, of Paterson Avenue; David Alejandro, of Ryerson Avenue; Rodney Person, of Ryerson Avenue; Jasmar Cleaves, of Paterson Avenue; and Daniela Troisi, of Union Avenue were arrested in the raid, said the director.

Davis, Rodriguez, Gillison, Pearson, Alejandro, and Person were arrested on charges of having 1 Xanax pill, 70 glassines of heroin, 8 baggies of crack-cocaine, and drug paraphernalia, according to police.

Police said Davis, Rodriguez, Gillison, Pearson, Alejandro, and Person were also charged with dealing drugs close to a school and a park.

Cleaves was arrested on an outstanding warrant while Troisi was charged with having 1 Xanax pill, said police.

Speziale said the raid was prompted by a large number of complaints lodged with the police chief’s office, the mayor’s office, and the police director’s office about drug activity occurring on Ryerson Avenue between Union and Totowa Avenues.

Police identified 40 Ryerson Avenue as the source of drug activity in the area. Gillison, Alejandro, and Person reside at the home. The property is owned by Wilmington Trust, National Association, according to city records.

“The collaboration between us all has led the narcotics division to theses arrests and closing of a illegal narcotics ring,” said Speziale. “The narcotics division worked patiently and tirelessly to close this operation down.”

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