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Paterson police arrest 6 in Totowa Avenue drug bust


Police raided a Totowa Avenue home on Thursday afternoon arresting six people and seizing 539 packets of heroin, 246 grams of marijuana, and two handguns, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Speziale said police raided 354 Totowa Avenue at about 5:34 p.m. arresting Kassan McNeil, 29, and Danuska Martinez, 27, both of whom lived at the address.

Martinez and McNeil allegedly hand two handguns – a Sentinel MK IV .22 caliber and a Ruger P94 .40 caliber – and 12 hollow point bullets.

Police seized 246 grams of marijuana and 539 glassines of heroin from the home, said the director. Martinez and McNeil were charged with various weapons and drug offenses, said the director.

Both man and woman were also charged with endangering the welfare of McNeil’s four children.

Police also arrested some of their alleged customers.

Corey Black, 26, of Rockaway; Champagne Paduani, 19, of Paterson; Ciera Jamison, 19, of Boonton, were each charged with having 1 plastic baggie of marijuana allegedly purchased from McNeil.

Dennis Flores, 37, of Paterson was charged with obstructing a governmental function, said the director.

“The narcotics division is working tirelessly to combat the scourge of drugs affecting our city,” said Speziale.

The raid occurred in the city’s relatively quiet Totowa section which residents says has experienced a surge of drug activity on lower Union and Totowa Avenues leading to gun violence.

This week, a 21-year-old Bronx man was wounded in a shooting on Paterson and Union Avenues. Last month, a 20-year-old man was wounded at the intersection of Paterson and Totowa Avenues.

Some residents blame the shootings on increased drug activity in their neighborhood. They also blame absentee landlords who rent to alleged drug dealers destabilizing entire blocks.

354 Totowa Avenue is owned by a masked limited liability company out of Wayne called 354 TOTOWA AVE, L.L.C, according to city records.