Paterson police arrest 25, seize 386 packets of heroin in weekly drug sweep | Paterson Times

Paterson police arrest 25, seize 386 packets of heroin in weekly drug sweep


The city’s weekly drug sweep yielded 28 arrests, 386 glassines of heroin, and $5,034 in suspected drug money, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Police also seized 75 baggies of crack-cocaine, 80 baggies of marijuana, and 15 jars of marijuana from September 13th through 19th, 2016.

Arrested in the sweep were city residents a 17-year-old; Christopher L. Hill, 21, of East 18th Street; Manny Ortiz, 23, of North 8th Street; Daquan O. Trent, 26, of North 3rd Street; Keith Hill aka “Ears,” 23, of North 4th Street; Altimont D. Hacker, 28, of East 26th Street; Cathy Nunn, 47, of Chamberlain Avenue; Jose DeLaPaz, 49, of Bergen Street; Tyrone G. Hinton aka “Unc,” 42, of Belmont Avenue; Jeffrey L. Valente, 46, of Rossiter Avenue; Vincent Fornino, 51, of Rossiter Avenue; Joseph Gaita, 39, of Rossiter Avenue; 16-year-old city boy; Rashon Alexander, 34, of 8th Avenue; Sha-Liek Zimmon, 22, of Temple Street; Kazir Bynum, 21, of Governor Street; Demetrius R. Alford, 29, of East 28th Street; Stephen L. Jones, 23, of North 12th Street; and Jabor R. Taylor, 33, of North 5th Street.

Also arrested were Edward Rovito, 49, of Saddle Brook; Catherine E. Cole, 49, of Long Branch; Vincent Marino, 52, of Teaneck; Johnathen A. Beckett aka “John,” 22, of Mahwah; Deanna Richards, 36, of Hackensack; and Suzanne Davidson, 24, of Mahwah.

Police arrested a 17-year-old who allegedly sold 106 glassines of heroin to Rovito and Cole on Market and East 19th Streets on September 13th, 2016.

Rovito and Cole were charged with intent to deal and heroin possession. The 17-year-old and Christopher L. Hill were charged with having 108 glassines of heroin, 10 baggies of marijuana, said police.

Christopher L. Hill was charged with employing a juvenile in a drug distribution scheme, said police.

Keith Hill was charged with having 24 baggies of marijuana at 183 Clinton Street on September 14th, 2016. He allegedly sold 2 baggies of marijuana to Ortiz and 1 baggie to Trent, said police.

$471 in drug money was seized from Keith Hill.

Marino and Hacker were arrested on the same day at 17th Avenue and East 31st Street with 8 glassine of heroin.

$2,671 in suspected drug money was seized from Hacker.

Beckett, Richards, Davidson, and Nunn were arrested on Broadway and Summer Street on September 15th, 2016.

All four were charged with having 4 baggies of crack-cocaine, said police.

DeLaPaz and Hinton were charged with heroin and crack-cocaine possession on 13 12th Avenue, said police.

Hinton allegedly had 20 baggies of marijuana and 1 baggie of crack-cocaine. He sold 2 glassines of heroin and 1 baggie of crack-cocaine to DeLaPaz.

$182 in drug money was seized from Hinton, said police. He was also charged with drug paraphernalia possession.

Valente, Fornino, and Gaita were arrested at 27 Rossiter Avenue. Gaita was charged with having 34 glassine of heroin and 18 baggies of crack-cocaine.

Fornino and Gaita were charged with having 10 glassines of heroin and 8 baggies of crack-cocaine. All three were charged with having a stolen 2006 Dodge Caravan, said police.

A 16-year-old boy was arrested on September 16th, 2016 at 12th Avenue and East 23rd Street with 14 baggies of marijuana.

In the same bust, police nabbed Alexander with 7 baggie of marijuana.

Zimmon was caught with 37 glassines of heroin and 44 baggies of crack-cocaine at 24 12th Avenue. He also had an outstanding domestic violence warrant, said police.

$255 in drug money was seized from Zimmon.

Bynum was arrested with 221 glassines of heroin at 246 Governor Street. $1,212 in suspected drug money was seized from him.

Police arrested Alford with 15 plastic jars of marijuana at 34 Jefferson Street.

Jones and Taylor were caught on North 7th and Clinton Street on September 19th, 2016.

Police charged Taylor with having 5 baggies of marijuana. He sold 3 baggies to Jones, said police.

$243 in drug money was seized from Taylor.

“The men and women of Paterson’s narcotics continue to infiltrate those involved in illegal narcotics in our city,” said Speziale.