Sheriff: Paterson man wanted on $4,166 child support warrant arrested with 123 packets of heroin | Paterson Times

Sheriff: Paterson man wanted on $4,166 child support warrant arrested with 123 packets of heroin


A city man wanted on $4,166 outstanding child support was arrested driving on Union Avenue with open containers of Corona, Vodka, and 123 glassine envelopes of heroin on Saturday evening, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Rodney McDowell, 40-year-old, was pulled over on Union Avenue and Kearney Street at around 6:21 p.m. while operating a 2000 Honda Accord with unsealed containers of alcohol in the car.

Officer Eric Blesing asked for the driver’s license, registration, and insurance. McDowell could not produce a valid license. It was determined his driver’s license was suspended and he had $4,166 active child support warrant out of Passaic County Superior Court.

Blesing also detected marijuana odor coming out of the vehicle. A further search yielded 123 glassine envelopes of heroin stamped in red ink “Lizard King” worth $1,000 on the street.

McDowell was charged with drug possession, intent to distribute, and intent to distribute near School 5.

Berdnik said motor vehicle summonses has been issued to McDowell for having open containers of liquor, driving while suspended, and having drugs in a car.

“A routine traffic arrested yield not only a suspected drug dealer, but an individual who is also a dead beat dad,” Berdnik said.

McDowell is being held at Passaic County Jail.

  • Nia

    Bye Dummy. Why don't drug dealers pay their child support. They will pay someone to get in line and get the newest jordans, wear expensive cars, buy bottles at the club and drive nice cars but will not pay their child support. They even go to court like I can't find a job. I don't get it

    • Phrosted Phleyx

      Dont hate

  • Michee Callegari

    Can someone have Mr.Berdnik contact me? My ex has a warrant for $20,000 in non support and as a courtesy to my exs family they refuse to execute the warrent

    • Phrosted Phleyx

      Damn u beat
      Get a job . If you have one already get another one .

  • Luis

    He is not a drug dealer… He uses it and that was a set up one cop tould him to move the car then another pulls him over .. And he is closer to school 14 then to school 5 so that 500 feet crap..this nonses. …. Sherifs. Put the on him…. Dont belive evrything you read from north jersey this sheriff. Be sherry picking………..

    • Truthful

      I think it's 1,0000 ft and he had 123 envelopes! Seriously???? He is a dealer. The average drug addict doesn't do that much a day. And yeah a sheriffs officer just happens to carry all those drugs around just in case they stop someone who is in a well known drug arrea, who has an open container, who has a suspended drivers license andddddddd. Has child support warrants for being a dead beat sperm donor! Pplease…….forgive me if I believe this article! Lol

      Tell him to man up, get his count appointed public defender who will know that he is wrong, take a plea and man up!

      #PCSD #onedealeratatime #makepatersonsafeagain.

  • Phrosted Phleyx

    All these beat ass dependant baby mommas in here need to get up off they lazy asses and stop waiting for a man to take care of your kids .you have possession of them be responsible dont wait on no one to feed you and your kids get the fuck up and do something. Of course you didn't make the children yourself but if the kids live with u under your roof 100% of the time U SHOULD BE 100% RESPONSIBLE for them 100% of the time .