Paterson cop holds Passaic man at gunpoint after suspect got out of car with handgun | Paterson Times

Paterson cop holds Passaic man at gunpoint after suspect got out of car with handgun


A Passaic City man was apprehended by police responding to a noise complaint on North 4th Street, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Police arrested 21-year-old Ian David who was double parked outside of 21 North 4th Street in a gray Nissan Altima. Officer Jonathan Bustios saw the double parked vehicle, turned on his emergency lights, and approached the vehicle operated by David.

David got out of his car and began to walk towards Bustios with a gun in his hand. Bustios held the suspect at gunpoint and ordered him to drop the weapon.

David complied and dropped the weapon. Bustios kicked the weapon out of reach of David and called for backup. Six police units arrived at the scene. David refused to be handcuffed and fought with the officers, but was ultimately arrested.

Police charged David with three weapons offenses. He was also charged with resisting arrest by force. Three motor vehicle summonses was issued against for double parking, failure to exhibit documents, and driving unlicensed, said the director.

The situation could have quickly escalated, but Bustios’ restraint prevented a tragedy, said police.

“The officers used great restraint in apprehending this individual and removed a dangerous weapon from our streets,” said Speziale.

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    how scary for the officer to have some pos thug coming at him with a gun.i'm glad this dangerous,stupidly bold piece of garbage is off the streets.hopefully he'll get one of the very few judges left who have balls,& he'll be denied bail & put away for the longest time possible.