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Paterson’s 2016 board of education election results


The preliminary results of the 2016 Paterson Board of Education election has Rivera, Irving, Capers, and Martinez leading with 50 out of 68 districts counted.

This year’s school board election is made up of two races. The first race is for three available full-term seats while the second is for one unexpired seat.

The full voter tally so far are below.

Three-year full-term race
Emanuel Capers (pictured, top right): 3,639
Corey Teague: 3,564
Joseph Atallo: 2,232
Flavio Rivera (pictured, bottom left)*: 4,514
Kenneth Simmons*: 3,445
Stacey Coleman: 2,837
Christopher Irving (pictured, top left)*: 4,316

The seven candidates are vying for three full-term school board seats.

Two-year unexpired term race
Manny Martinez (pictured, bottom right): 5,642
Errol Kerr*: 2,007

Kerr is defending the seat he filled after a winner in last year’s board of education failed a criminal background check forfeiting his seat. Martinez is a former school board member.


This report will be periodically updated with election tallies as they come in.