Two arrested after snatching phone from woman, assaulting detectives in Paterson | Paterson Times

Two arrested after snatching phone from woman, assaulting detectives in Paterson


Detectives arrested two brazen phone snatchers who targeted a woman and attacked an intervening detective on 21st Avenue on Thursday afternoon, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Norphy Carrero, 22, of Paterson, and Jean Aleman Morillo, 18, of Newburg, NY, were arrested at around 5:45 p.m. after a chase through a Beech Street backyard, authorities said.

Carrero allegedly ran towards a woman walking and talking on a cellphone. He approached her from behind, snatched her phone, and ran.

An undercover detective conducting surveillance on 21st Avenue and Beech Street observed the situation and intervened. He grabbed Carrero by the shirt. Morillo approached and punched the detective in the face causing his phone to fall to the ground, authorities said.

Morillo stole the detective’s cellphone and both fled on foot through a Beech Street backyard. Detectives chased both suspects and lost sight of them. Sheriff’s Officer Sean Phillips and his K9 Justus were deployed for a yard to yard search.

Carrero and Morillo were located, but tried to resist arrest by physically attacking the arresting detectives. Both were subdued and handcuffed.

Berdnik said Carrero and Morillo have been charged with robbery, theft, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest by force and flight.

Authorities recovered the stolen items from both men. Morillo was found to have two outstanding child support warrant out of Passaic County.

Carrero and Morillo were taken to Paterson Police lockup pending bail.