Paterson activist challenges political committees to spend money promoting peace on the streets | Paterson Times

Paterson activist challenges political committees to spend money promoting peace on the streets


I have seen a plethora of challenges on social media lately. From the infamous mannequin challenge and even one named after Shirley Cesar. Well, I am offering a challenge to all of the political groups in the city of Paterson. It’s called the Campaign 4 Peace challenge. Here’s how it works.

All of the PAC’s (political action committees) can create postcards, banners, billboards, yard signs and palm cards with a #Campaign4Peace slogans like: “Put The Guns Down” “Spread Love Not Hate” and “Peace Not Piece.” This challenge would be particularly impressive because it would prove that these groups care as much about putting effort into getting PEACE in the streets as they do when it’s time to get people to the polls.

It’s time to take an interest in making sure our neighborhoods are safe for our children to play in again. Put some of those political contributions to good use for a change instead just using them to print political signs which will only end up being recycled the day after an election.

SAVE our streets.

Corey L. Teague
City Activist

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    As great as that sounds, the level of ignorance of these gangbangers is impervious to any logic, reason or rational thought. They only realize the error of their ways after a lengthy stay of incarceration unfortunately.

  • http://www.browncgroupllc.com Chauncey I. Brown III

    Commissioner Teague, In light of a recent spike in crime as well as shooting and killings transpiring in the city of Paterson over the last 4 months, we need to come together as one community to solve our complex problems in order to arrest the current condition. Political parties and candidates running for office come into our communities around election time and once the elections are over the political parties and candidates elect get bogged down with their new roles in government or with the political party. I believe that both political parties be it Democrat or Republican have a responsibility to play a major role in the ongoing development, education and security of our communities. As noted in Commissioner Teague letter to the editor political parties can invest in signs for candidates etc; political parties should expand their role and message in communities by investing political money in raising awareness to promote and educate our children and residents about Gun Violence, Drugs and how we can increase the quality of life for all. My hope is we can come together to Save our children and residents now.